Understanding Deregulation

A few decades ago, being able to choose your energy suppliers were not available. The energy market in each state was virtually monopolized. This meant that people had to take the energy that they were given, at the price that is was offered, from the utility company making the offer. Thanks to the Deregulation of energy, customers now have a choice; the power is now in the hands of the people where it belongs. The Deregulation of Energy is a state issue. Some states have seen the benefits and have written legislation regarding energy deregulation. Other states have not been so eager to embrace the idea, thereby denying their residents the power to choose. When it is available, the options provided by the deregulation of energy may go beyond giving home owners and businesses a list of companies from which to choose from, also allowing them to make money off their own bills. Consumers may be able to choose between different types of companies.

The deregulation of energy also empowers the consumers with an additional means of recourse when they are not satisfied with the service they are paying for. A consumer may not be happy with the services provided or may not agree with an energy company’s business practices. Such individuals can take action by spending their money elsewhere; it’s your right to do so. When there were no options, you simply had to pay bills. The deregulation of energy is expected to make consumers more knowledgeable about the industry. SunSea Energy is a great choice for your energy; we help to make the transition as smooth as possible.